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| T/W May 11/12
| T/W May 11/12
| [https://be.mit.edu/directory/alan-p-jasanoff AJ] <br>  
| [https://be.mit.edu/directory/alan-p-jasanoff AJ] <br>  
| [[20.109(S21):M3D4 |Evaluate fluorescence of IPC variants ]] <br>
| [[20.109(S21):M3D4 |Evaluate effect of mutations on IPC variants ]] <br>
| [[20.109(S21):Homework#Due_M3D4|Homework due]]
| [[20.109(S21):Homework#Due_M3D4|Homework due]]

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20.109(S21): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Spring 2021 schedule        FYI        Assignments        Homework        Communication |        Accessibility

       M1: Antibody engineering        M2: Drug discovery        M3: Protein engineering       

Welcome to 20.109! It is our goal to make this class a useful and fun introduction to the experiments and techniques used in biological engineering. Though there is not time enough to show you everything needed to do research, after this class you will feel confident and familiar with some fundamental experimental approaches and laboratory protocols. You will develop good habits at the bench, which will increase the likelihood of success in your work and ensure the health and safety of you and your labmates. By the end of the semester, you will also be well-versed in good scientific practices - through your experience with scientific writing, notebook keeping, and orally presenting data and novel ideas. All of us involved in teaching 20.109 hope you will find it a satisfying challenge and an exciting experience that has lasting value.

Lecture times:

  • Tuesday (T) and Thursday (R) 11 - 12 pm ([ Zoom access)]

Laboratory section times:

  • Tuesday (T) and Thursday (R) 1 - 5 pm ([ Zoom access])
  • Wednesday (W) and Friday (F) 1 - 5 pm ([ Zoom access])
T/W Feb 16/17 NLL
Orientation and laboratory tour
M1D1 R/F Feb 18/19 LM
In silico cloning library Orientation quiz
Homework due
M1D2 T/W Feb 23/24 LM
Enrich candidate clones from library using FACS
Homework due
M1D3 R/F Feb 25/26 LM
Harvest clone plasmids from library
Homework due
M1D4 T/W Mar 2/3 LM
Purify and sequence clone plasmids
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
M1D5 R/F Mar 4/5 LM
Analyze clone sequences and choose clone to characterize
Homework due
T/W Mar 9/10 Student holiday
M1D6 R/F Mar 11/12 LM
Characterize clone ligand binding using flow cytometry
Homework due
M1D7 T/W Mar 16/17 LM
Analyze ligand titration curves
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
M2D1 R/F Mar 18/19 AK
Perform protein purification protocol
Homework due
T/W Mar 23/24 Student holiday Data Summary draft due Wed, Mar 24 at 10 pm
M2D2 R/F Mar 25/26 AK
Assess purity and concentration of purified protein
Homework due
Mini-presentation due Sun, Mar 28 at 10 pm
[ Blog post due] Mon, Mar 29 at 10 pm
M2D3 T/W Mar 30/31 AK
Prepare and scan small molecule microarray (SMM) slides
Homework due
M2D4 R/F Apr 1/2 AK
Analyze SMM data to identify putative small molecule binders
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
Data Summary revision due Sun, Apr 4 at 10 pm
T/W Apr 6/7 Journal club presentations
R/F Apr 8/9 Journal club presentations [ Blog post due] Sat, Apr 10 at 10 pm
M2D5 T/W Apr 13/14 AK
Learn best practices for mammalian cell culture Homework due
M2D6 R/F Apr 15/16 AK
Utilize cellular thermal shift assay (CETSA) to test putative small molecule binders
Homework due
T/W Apr 20/21 Student holiday
M2D7 R/F Apr 22/23 AK
Complete CETSA experiment and analyze data
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
M3D1 T/W Apr 27/28 AJ
Review inverse pericam (IPC) cloning strategy
Homework due
M3D2 R/F Apr 29/30 AJ
Examine IPC mutations
Homework due
Research article due Sun, May 2 at 10 pm
[ Blog post due] Mon, May 3 at 10 pm
M3D3 T/W May 4/5 AJ
Induce and purify IPC variants
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
R/F May 6/7 Research proposal pitches
Develop Research proposal ideas and presentations
M3D4 T/W May 11/12 AJ
Evaluate effect of mutations on IPC variants
Homework due
M3D5 R/F May 13/14 AJ
Design new IPC variant
Laboratory quiz
Homework due
T/W May 18/19 Research proposal presentations [ Blog post due] Thu, May 20 at 10 pm
R May 20 Feedback session
Mini-report due Mon, May 24 at 10 pm