Assignment 8 Overview: flow channel & two-color microscope

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20.309: Biological Instrumentation and Measurement

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In Assignment 7, you familiarized yourselves with the basic tools and measurement techniques used in electronics. In the remaining assignments this semester, we'll work towards measuring the frequency-dependent osmotic shock response of yeast cells. We'll build a few circuits, but more importantly, we'll apply the framework that we've learned - using transfer functions, feedback, and Fourier transforms - to understanding a biological system.

You'll start off this week's assignment 8 by examining the effects of gain on an electronic feedback system (Part 1). Then you'll build a microfluidic device and interface your microscope with computer controls for the LEDs and fluidic device (Part 2). Finally in Part 3, you'll validate that everything is working together by flowing fluorescent dyes through the device and recording how the fluorescence changes over time.

  1. Part 1: electronics bootcamp II;
  2. Part 2: fabricate a microfluidic device;
  3. Part 3: test your device with fluorescent dyes.

Submit your work on Stellar in a single PDF file with the naming convention <Lastname><Firstname>Assignment8.pdf.



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