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20.309: Biological Instrumentation and Measurement

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Page superseded by Electronics Mini-Lab for Fall 2013 and beyond.

Introduction to electronics

Begin by reading the Electronics Primer if needed. Reference the pdf version of the Intro to Electronics Lab Manual and reference. Depending on your level of experience with electronics and electrical measurement equipment, you may only need to work through a few of the sections in the lab manual. However, you will at least need to focus on parts 3.3B, 3.3C, and 3.5. Refer to 3.4, 3.1, and the rest of the pdf as necessary. One or two stations will be set up with the equipment and circuits for parts 3.3 and 3.5.

Your deliverables are specified in the course packet. Beyond what is required there, it is your choice to complete the additional tasks outlined in the lab manual, or not. Please use your level of experience and comfort as your guide.

A couple final notes, you do not need to use the DAQ to complete this assignment, but if you do please note that we now use a different DAQ in lab. Also some stations have a new type of digital oscilliscope. For information about the DAQ, please see Part 1 of the DNA Lab Manual, and for instructions on using the new oscilloscope, please see one of the Instructors.

Electronics Module