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20.109(F18): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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       1. Measuring genomic instability        2. Modulating metabolism        3. Engineering biomaterials              

BE Communication Lab resources

Throughout the semester you will participate in workshops provided by the Instructors from the BE Communication Lab, Dr. Sean Clarke (saclarke@mit.edu) and Dr. Prerna Bhargava (bhargavap@mit.edu). These workshops will help you prepare your major communication assignments. The resources provided at these workshops will be posted below.

To schedule an appointment for help from a BE Communication Fellow:

For assistance finding research articles, managing citations, etc.

Workshop Slides

Figures and Captions Slides
Abstracts and Titles (and Writing Tips)
Journal Club and Oral Presentations
Research Article structure and writing process
Research Proposals
Checklist for amazing 109 proposals

Prof. Jen Heemstra's tips on research ideas and brainstorming resources

Examples from NIH