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=<center>Module 3</center>=
=<center>Module 3</center>=
'''Lecturer:''' <br>
'''Lecturer:''' [https://be.mit.edu/directory/alan-p-jasanoff Prof. Alan Jasanoff]<br>
'''Instructors:''' [http://be.mit.edu/directory/noreen-lyell Noreen Lyell], [http://be.mit.edu/directory/leslie-mcclain Leslie McClain], and [http://be.mit.edu/directory/becky-meyer Becky Meyer]<br>
'''Instructors:''' [http://be.mit.edu/directory/noreen-lyell Dr. Noreen Lyell], [http://be.mit.edu/directory/leslie-mcclain Dr. Leslie McClain], and [http://be.mit.edu/directory/becky-meyer Dr. Becky Meyer]<br>
'''TAs:'''  <br>
'''TAs:'''  <br>

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20.109(S21): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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       M1: Antibody engineering        M2: Drug discovery        M3: Protein engineering       

Module 3

Lecturer: Prof. Alan Jasanoff
Instructors: Dr. Noreen Lyell, Dr. Leslie McClain, and Dr. Becky Meyer


Research goal:

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Lab links: day by day

M3D1: Review inverse pericam (IPC) cloning strategy
M3D2: Examine IPC mutations
M3D3: Induce and purify IPC variants
M3D4: Evaluate effect of mutations on IPC variants
M3D5: Design new IPC variant


Research proposal presentation


Notes for teaching faculty

Prep notes for M3